Because that's what they are and titles are hard

MeMe Me

So when my two friends and I were in high school (maybe juniors, I pray we were not seniors) we thought that a fun thing to do would be to put make-up on ourselves to make it look like we were beat up, and then take pictures of each other. because obviously we were really cool and popular and had a plethora of amazing hobbies.

I don't really know why we did this? According to my mom, there was some controversial editorial photoshoot where models were made up to look like they were beaten up  and everyone was talking about it. So our weird idea was relevant to the times. LETS JUST GO WITH THAT.

So the three of us gals put like, lipstick all over our faces and took pictures of ourselves. Then we all had some new cool facebook profile pictures. That is pretty much all that came from these pictures. We did nothing with them. I know that I, personally, was kind of embarrassed and felt a little dumb. But whatever. WE WERE YOUNG. whatever whatever whatever

So now, years later? I have been keeping my facebook deleted, and I reactivated it to find a new roommate blah blah, and someone had tagged me in a photo saying "lol is this you?"

One of these "beat-up" photos had come back from the dead as a "bitches be like" meme.

First of all, a "meme" is one of those weird internet photos that has bold white type across the top and bottom. Its like a dumb internet joke. Like lolcats, or that willy wonka guy, or everything else on the internet.

A BITCHES BE LIKE meme is basically internet memes that make fun of bitches. Like they make fun of dumb girls doing and saying dumb things. I actually don't completely understand it? Its not funny to me, and I don't think its because I'm a girl, but I think its because the jokes and execution are terrible.


My meme says (over a giant picture of my lipstick bruises) "bitches be like / she only pulled my hair"


Apparently this is a commentary on girl fights? I think? And how bitches...don't...say....the real thing that happened.......?????? I DON'T. KNOW.

I really don't think its funny. BUT 70,000 PEOPLE DO.

70,000. That would not be a typo, that would be 70-thousand likes on my meme. Because my meme is actually the profile picture of the "bitches be like" facebook page, which has almost 500,000 followers. In case you want to get a taste of the facebook page, here is the description:

" ✔Verified by Facebook .║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌▌® This is First and Official "Bitches Be Like" page we gonna post funny bitches,niggas,hoes be like photos,games,share people and more!!! LIKE OUR PAGE FOR A LAUGH DAILY!!♥ ^.^ "


I read all 800 comments on my picture. I couldn't help myself. It was basically a ginormous back and fourth about whether the picture was fake or not.

Some people claimed a bad photoshop job. False! Bad lipstick-on-face job people. A technique I actually used again this halloween to be a zombie.

I was also referred to as "frog-eyes" and I almost died laughing. Well done, stranger.

I was also the source of some brief discussions on domestic violence. Also the source of less brief discussion of how dum dem bitchez r lmao.

So I emailed my two friends and asked them about it, because to my knowledge, the pictures had never been seen. Apparently they have been living on a flickr site somewhere. Jeeze Louize.

The internet is really creepy and weird.

I don't know exactly....if I should do something? Should I break my allegiance with the bitches? Its so bizarre. Not everyone has the honor of being memed. But my meme sucks, and the backstory of the high school self-initiated photo shoot is pretty embarrassing. I know the photo isn't viral, and even though I don't want it to have attention really, I am bringing attention to it. What happens if it becomes a viral thing? Its too dumb to actually be viral.... is this photo going to have a greater effect on my life than I can imagine? Probably not. I can't give the bitch makers (pimps?!) that much credit.