Because that's what they are and titles are hard


I think I have a problem.

I am way, way to into television. Like I will sit down and watch a season of something straight. I won't go to sleep when I need to, I won't eat stuff that doesn't come out of a bag, I won't go interact with real life people... I will literally spend entire days in front of my computer watching show after show after show.

I will watch shows while I work...which I can do, but I do find myself stopping the actual work and pausing to focus on the show more times than I should.

I don't really know why I do this. I usually opt for TV over music when I'm working and I think that may be because I like the sound of talking and listening to conversation. Growing up most of our meals (that I can remember) were in front of the television, and I used to watch a show or two before going to school. 

When I was in high school I remember I think I skipped a class or two to finish my DVD of the first season of 24. In college I DEFINITELY skipped classes to power through LOST.

I think having access to bulk television on the internet is just like, dangerous for me haha. I'm not saying I need an intervention (great show) but TV is definitely affecting my life in negative ways.... like, I will watch a show for ten hours straight (no joke) and be full of regret and self-loathing. That can't be a good thing, right?

Its weird too because not only do I just love tv shows in general, like laughing and crying with them and becoming invested in plots and what not yadda yadda, but I love recognizing actors from other shows. I LOVE it. Even really small actors, like really small parts. Because most of my shows are on summer hiatus, I have been spending time in the 90's on netflix. For instance I watched all six seasons of Dawson's Creek, and have now just started Felicity. Seeing a bunch of actors I recognize but way younger, or before they are *stars* is like, amazing. But my favorite is definitely seeing people from other shows.

In Dawson's Creek you will see Buster from Arrested Development in one episode as a serious, concerned doctor. 

You will also see the chick from Once Upon A Time as Pacey's girlfriend in season 5. Also from Once Upon a Time, you will see Pinocchio from as Jen's X-Boyfriend in season 2. 

The bald guy in Cougar Town is Felicity's Dean and Deluca boss. The weird neighbor Tom in Cougar Town works in Felicity's mailroom. Courtney Cox's brief boyfriend in Cougar Town is Felicity's RA Noel. (I like Cougar Town leave me alone).

Noel Actor is currently in True Blood as Arlene's Boyfriends Army buddies from the past. Detective Stabler from SVU is the Authority in True Blood. One of the Authority members is The mother of Jen's x-new york friend Drew in season 4 of Dawson's Creek. She is Joey's boss at the country club or wherever.

Ken Marino from Party Down and Wet Hot and Burning Love is Joey's college professor in season 5. Busy Phillips of COURSE from Dawson's Creek as Audrey is in Freaks and Geeks and also in Cougar Town. ....Everyone is in Cougar Town.

Detective Stabler/The Authority was in OZ as a scary gay prisoner. Another prisoner was Azibwe...or something... (I didnt actually watch the show, just clips after it was briefly explained to me) who is Mr. Echo in Lost. J.J Abrams of Lost also produced Felicity.

I could go on for DAYS. I LOVE that stuff. I love it I love it and I have no idea why.

But I really need to start doing things in my actual real life. I mean I DO do things in my actual real life, and my actual real life is pretty decent. But I could be doing more. Like my apartment could be clean, and I would probably be tanner.

SO starting NOW I am going to not watch TV for a week. Totally goofy, really dumb, hardy har har oh a week yeah big woop, FOR ME it is a big woop. I'm already nervous because I have not finished season 1 of Felicity and I'm getting the shakes. I figured if I like, wrote down an agreement to myself then I would maybe really stick to it. Or you know, hate myself tenfold if I broke this deal with myself.

I'm going to try to ween myself from tv! At least down to healthy dosages. Yikes! YIIIIIKKKEEEESS.

yikes yikes yikes yikes.

woof I have a problem.

Felicity and Noel haven't even resolved their issues yet so guys this is like, huge for me. I'm patting myself on the back. (Noel was also Cliff the jock that Jen briefly dated in Season 1 of Dawson's Creek).